"Set Pieces for Patio Playhouse Youth Show: The Vain Princess" by Brenda Townsend
Brenda Townsend
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Set Pieces for Patio Playhouse Youth Show: The Vain Princess

“As Director of the Patio Playhouse Youth Theatre for the last 15 years, I painted these panels for use in the March 2020 production of ‘The North Wind/The Vain Princess.’ We had 20 eager youth, ages 5-18, who had rehearsed for months to ready this show for our stage. Many had never participated in a live stage show performance before, but thanks to Patio Playhouse, they were able to do so at no cost. Opening Night was so exciting for all of the cast, crew, actors, Production Team and their families, as everything came together and everyone was able to work as a team and fulfill their role in the show. ‘The North Wind/The Vain Princess’ was scheduled to perform a total of 9 times, over the course of 3 weekends. However, after the end of the first weekend, the production was shut down due to COVID and all of our volunteers were forced to take shelter at home for an indefinite period of time. It was so disappointing, but upon looking back, I’m so thankful that the actors and crew had the experience of performing for at least one weekend… Other productions weren’t so fortunate. I’m so pleased for this piece to be seen again as part of Esco Alley Art. I view it as a symbol of resilience and the power of the Arts to heal and unite us all.”


“I am Brenda Townsend of Brilliant Spectrum Art. I’m a California-Credentialed Arts Educator, working in watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, pastels and more on paper, murals, and theatre sets. Some of my favorite subjects include lights, tikis, mermaids, birds, flowers, and/or shells in a fantasy setting, with an exotica/retro vibe. Major artistic influences include Disney artist, Mary Blair, The Artist SHAG, Oceanic Art and the Natural World. I work in multi-media, and my process often involves using handmade stamps and stencils and using found objects to print. I paint my current thoughts and discoveries on top of these backgrounds, in a semi-realistic style, using exciting and surprising color palettes.

I feel passionate about creating uplifting, fun, and beautiful works with broad appeal to provide viewers an emotional respite from everyday life. My work is escapist, joyous, and unapologetic, exuding positive energy which allows viewers to recharge and be transported while experiencing an enhanced reality.”

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