Dinah Martin
Escondido Sunrise

The inspiration is from my grandchildren’s art which is simple, bold and colorful!
I usually go into a meditative state and see what comes into my mind. Initially a star came to me but then it changed into bright yellow (my grandsons favorite color); so, I walked out to the view of the hilly skyline near my house, made a quick sketch and created my piece from it showing a sun instead of a star.

I paint & create for fun and I love color so I guess the word “playful” comes to mind.

“I’m a bit of a Nomad Artist who grew up in the UK and spent a couple of years in Norway before moving to Albuquerque, San Diego, Pasadena and then settling in Seattle. Now I’ve returned to Southern California to paint and create my experiences of traveling the world and exploring other fascinating cultures. I love color and patterns and using my imagination to create my art. I use all kinds of medium but mostly acrylics and lots of intuition.”

 Escondido is for artists. 

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