Virginia Holt
(858) 205-1515
Sustainable Beauty

My painting is about Himalayan Blue Bamboo. About 20 years ago I saw a photo of different blue plants and I was fascinated by the Himalayan Blue Bamboo and the Tibetan Blue poppy. Ever since I have always wanted to create a painting of the amazing Blue Bamboo. I have seen bamboo grow on the island of Maui up to a height of 2 or 3 stories high. I chose to paint this because Bamboo is not only beautiful, it is a very beneficial plant for the health of our planet and the Universe. Like a tree it takes carbon monoxide out of the air and produces oxygen. It is an amazing sustainable plant that is very strong and grows faster than a tree. It can be used to make durable flooring, clothing and utensils such as drinking straws and more. In Asia it is used for scaffolding during building construction.

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