Lydia Martin

The backdrop is a dreamy, cloudy sky and the main subject is a woman’s silhouette. Within the figure is an erupting volcano that previously had snow on it. I added a few words to the image to encourage reflection. The birds flying into the sky are a symbol of freedom and release.

This image is something I created nearly 10 years ago as a smaller painting. I was going through a difficult transition in my life and was trying to process some of my emotions.

I often use art as my own personal therapy. For me it symbolized the inner turmoil and pain that I had felt while all these changes were happening. I revisited many of these same feelings this past year and I just felt it was appropriate to rework the painting and give it a new and hopeful slant.

Even though there is destruction and pain in it, there is also optimism, hope, and freedom. It is about transforming the grief and upheaval into something new.

I think a lot of people have been feeling something similar over the past year: The fear, the changes worldwide, the political climate, the loss of jobs, the loss of loved ones, the unknown future. It can feel like the end of the world! But even with all these ‘volcanic’ changes, we endure even though the terrain is different.

If we can awaken our minds to the idea that we can adapt and grow in this situation, then we can evolve into something stronger and more resilient personally and globally.

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