"Capable of being represented by a straight line" by Madeline Reich
Madeline Reich
Capable of being represented by a straight line

It is the mathematical definition of linear. My piece is a linear piece. It is called linear art.

I love lines. How lines can make a thing look flat or three dimensional or fool the eye has always intrigued me.

This past year COVID has turned life upside down. Some good things happened, and some bad things happened. It made us re-evaluate our past way of doing things. Lines do this. They make you flip the way you see things.

Having all this chaos and everything not making sense for a while forces us to see reality in a different way. We find ourselves having to reinvent, reevaluate. It is about things being, looking different. It is so cool that you can do that with art. I like this kind of mind-bending stuff. I also like using colors that are sided by side on the color wheel and get that shock value. I like the thought of my piece evoking a strong reaction with people either really loving or really hating my piece.

People can interpret it any way they want. There is no agenda. I want people to feel free to react with whatever comes up for them. Love it or hate it. It’s all good.

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