Esco Alley Art
A mural street art project in Downtown Escondido in North County San Diego.
Tokeli Baker
IG: @tokeliart

I am a multidimensional artist, working in a variety of media, including painting, music composition, and creative writing. My perspective shifted towards Consciousness after a para-normal psi phenomena experience following a traumatic fall down a flgiht of stairs. My “Intelligence” mural is part of a series of paintings I created called “The Orbs.” The orbs represent a physical representation of meditative states of consciousness outside of space-time. Significant data supports the notion that Out of Body and Near-Death Experiences are commonly known to enhance consciousness and expanded awareness facilitating a move out of Beta brainwave and into Theta and Delta states as in advanced meditation. I have an undergraduate degree in musical theatre from UCSD and a Master’s degree in Dramatic Literature from Tufts University (Massachusetts). Since the accident, I have been teaching meditation locally. For sales inquiries, visit

 Escondido is for artists. 

Let's party!

2022 Esco Alley Art Party

Come celebrate the addition of 12 new murals with our artists in Downtown Escondido!

3 PM on Saturday, November 12th

Alley Art Party with Live Music, Free and Open to All!

Find us in the alley south of Grand Ave between Broadway and Kalmia.

Thank you!

We so appreciate your generosity.