"King Octopus" by Maya Sorvalo
Maya Sorvala
(760) 750 0708
King Octopus

“For my mural, I knew almost instantly that I wanted to do an octopus. I chose this concept because as a graduating senior in high school, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane. The first mural I ever did was an orange octopus with blue suction cups on the walls of my high school when I was 16 years old. 4 murals later and now 18 years old, the growth shown between these two larger-than-life octopi paintings is incredible! Through this piece I was able to show how I’ve developed as an artist in the past two years.

I painted the octopus the first time not only because it is my favorite sea animal, but because of how much motion an artist is able to convey with their tentacles. On top of that, you can paint them with almost any color and in theory, it’s realistic!”


I am 18 years old and just graduating high school! I will be attending Vancouver Institute of the Media Arts within the upcoming months to pursue Game Art & Design. Although my future career path will cater towards the digital arts, traditional painting will always be my passion.

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