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"Pistil <3" by Tristan Pittard
Tristan Pittard

I have always been a big fan of public art and the transitory nature of public art and design. It is not permanent. It is ephemeral. Yet it still enters the psyche and affects lives. It touches people who might not otherwise be exposed to art.

I came to art and design from studying fractals and geometry and that intersection between the laws of nature and biology and the experience of consciousness, of the ability to make choices in life.

This still influences my art and lately I have been working with flowers and abstraction. Many of my paintings still incorporate fractals, geometry, culture, biology.

[A fractal is a pattern that the laws of nature repeat at different scales. For example, trees are natural fractals; they are patterns that repeat smaller and smaller copies of themselves to create the biodiversity of a forest]

It is an amazing thing. It functions on underlying rules on the subatomic level involving physics, chemistry and biology at a higher plane of evolution. I believe that plant life forms are part of this higher evolution. Flowers attract and feed pollinators which helps perpetuate life itself. Within this relationship we detect a whisper of fractals repeating a pattern of action and reaction. There is this yin/yang.

We are here and we are conscious. We always have a choice resulting in a predictable outcome. What is not predictable is your choice. It comes down to determinism. If we have a choice, it makes every moment completely unpredictable. I love the dichotomy of that. This is our experience of life.

Similarities to that at a subatomic level are when particles pop into existence. If you observe the location and direction of an electron at that point, only by being conscious and aware of it can you know where it is. It is about being in the moment.

Flowers are self-actualization of beauty in the plant world. That is a different type of consciousness. But on some level experienced and touched by or resonating with all levels of existence. My hope is that my art helps in understanding that. It is the reason I went into art as a profession. In some small way I hope I can push that thought into the greater consciousness whether people are aware of it or not.

Ultimately if I can make someone’s life better through art, I am happy to do so. The hope is that if it touches just one person for one moment it is worth it.


I enjoy making the digital world a fun and engaging place to use and the real world a beautiful place to live.

The only way to do that is by working together with interesting people doing good things.

We are at the intersection of multiple crises – both human & environmental – yet opportunities exist to cure most ills.

Let’s discover new paths.

 Escondido is for artists. 

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2023 Esco Alley Art Party

Explore 12 new murals, and join us for birthday cake to celebrate Mayor Dane White’s birthday.

4 PM on Saturday, September 9th

Alley Art Party with DJ & cake, Free and Open to All, with food available for purchase from Doña Rosa Raspados. 

Find us in the alley south of Grand Ave between Kalmia and Juniper.

Global Roots Mural Mosaic Unveiling

America Connects West Mural

Music, Food, Friends, and Art!

Maple Street Plaza
Escondido, CA 92025

Join us for the Unveiling!

Sunday March 26, 3pm

Let's party!

2022 Esco Alley Art Party

Come celebrate the addition of 12 new murals with our artists in Downtown Escondido!

3 PM on Saturday, November 12th

Alley Art Party with Live Music, Free and Open to All!

Find us in the alley south of Grand Ave between Broadway and Kalmia.

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2023 Season

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