Carrie Foster
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Rise and Shine

“Ten animals found on the farm are all looking down upon you. It reminds me of lying in a field with animals looking down at me. It is completely different from what I normally do.

I sculpt. But I have been painting for many years. I now do relief sculpting and a lot of memorial pieces. It is intense work.

This project is super fun. Big and loose. Not so intense.

Based on the nature of where we are these days, I needed to do something completely opposite. Super happy; lot of fun; lot of color to bring lots of smiles. I can’t help but be in a good mood even working on it.

The animals are almost caricature images with distorted and really big noses. It makes it funnier. I can’t help but smile.

They are in a circle all around you. The ones on top look upside down. It is as if they are surrounding you. Each one is specially chosen. All of them are unique. They are all just amazing characters.

One is an alpaca. It’s got this freaked out hair. That one I chose to put upside down. It is the craziest character next to the pig, also with a big nose.

Next to that a burro. His long face is intrigued. He is saying, “What are you doing?”

I also chose a cat. I made it look almost cross-eyed. He is a different one in the group.

He is saying, “What is going on here?”

Going around the grouping, each one of them is just a fun character.

There is a rooster looking like, “Whaaat?!!”

They are saying, “What are you? Why are you here? What are you doing on my grass?” There are a variety of different faces and sizes.

I even have an ostrich.

I kept adding more. I knew I wanted to do a square. I wound up with 10 animals with just a little sky peeking through. I wanted the animals to stand out. They are really large. Then a little dog is peeking in or a little rooster. They are all comical. I am interested to know which one people are drawn to.

They all look like a bunch of misfits with one misfit saying to another, “Welcome! Rise and shine! Let’s go! We have things to do.”

I have always been the underdog. Everybody has a story; everyone a character and we are all in this together.

Everybody is welcome warts and all.”

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Thank you!

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