Suki Liebow

“My art is often focused on moments of simple happiness and the common elements between polarized demographics. My mural is no exception. The little girl represents the human race in her skin tones. She flies a kite of the night sky in the daytime which could be interpreted as both day and night, light and dark, being present literally and figuratively all the time. She is dressed like the sun implying that she is the source of light in the world, and she is standing on a simple grassy hill with no other distractions visible to give a sense of being in the moment of joy, simply flying a kite on a clear, windy day.”

Suki Liebow is contemporary artist who uses multi-media art including paint, micrography (tiny writing), wire, enamel, pen and ink, plaster, and pencil sketching as a form of emotional movement and expression.

In Suki’s more than 20 years of research on the impacts of emotional trauma on human psychology and behavior, her primary focus has been on the successful integration of emotional processing as a key component of achieving productive communication and healthy relationships. Her artwork is often the outcome of her own emotional work.

Along with several other businesses, Suki Founded Suki Liebow Designs where she offers commissioned art and custom design work. She currently lives in Oceanside and is a Studio Artist at ArtHatch in Escondido.

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