Martita Foss
(520) 398-3113
Come Together

I have a love affair with trees and wanted to share my passion for trees by creating this piece.

With my painting I want to raise awareness of the importance of community engagement, and the rich diversity that Escondido offers. As we “Come Together”, like trees, we grow stronger together.

Art is for all. I create with no expectations. If people can connect with my art, then that is amazing.

For me, the essence of creating and sharing the arts in my community of Escondido is part of my job description. Many of us artists feel compelled to create and celebrate the richness of diversity.

Artists are an essential part of our world.

Esco Art Alley project brought beauty to a most unlikely section of Escondido – an alley. It brought a group of local Artists together for this project, and has created a body of work that is a gift to our city. This coming together benefits our community by creating an art destination for the public to come and visit. This is the beauty of art. When we support the arts, the arts support all surrounding businesses and organizations within their respective communities.

 Escondido is for artists. 

Thank you!

We so appreciate your generosity.