Esco Alley Art
A mural street art project in Downtown Escondido in North County San Diego.
Vanessa Mara Lawrence
Eternally Free

I am an intuitive abstract artist. I do not plan my work. It develops as I go. My work is fun and free flowing. I never know what it will end up being. This painting has something to do with “eternally free.’ It is very spiritual. It feels higher dimensional. Not earthly. These shapes are coming from somewhere and I know they have meaning. I love spirals. They represent the goddess, the infinite. Gold and blue are colors that tend to be in a lot of my artwork. I resonate with them. I paint by connecting into the energy and channeling it onto canvas. In this piece I brought in whatever was meant for the alley. It’s fun to do. The spiral shapes and the symbols of “light language” which is the divine language of the soul imbue the painting with a certain frequency that heals and clears negative energies. I am also an energy healer, a Reiki Master, and I do multi-dimensional shamanic healing work. In the last several years after much trauma and suffering I have come to an understanding that we are eternal beings. During those times I connected to beings that were beyond this realm, like angels, guides, star beings. It opened me to a whole new world. Painting and art were a healing route for me during the darkest times of my life. I started channeling different kinds of artwork. I kept hearing it like a message. A lot of my abilities had been shut down. I had no idea I could do art until then. My painting is a divine language and puts a certain frequency into the alley.

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2023 Esco Alley Art Party

Explore 12 new murals, and join us for birthday cake to celebrate Mayor Dane White’s birthday.

4 PM on Saturday, September 9th

Alley Art Party with DJ & cake, Free and Open to All, with food available for purchase from Doña Rosa Raspados. 

Find us in the alley south of Grand Ave between Kalmia and Juniper.

Global Roots Mural Mosaic Unveiling

America Connects West Mural

Music, Food, Friends, and Art!

Maple Street Plaza
Escondido, CA 92025

Join us for the Unveiling!

Sunday March 26, 3pm

Let's party!

2022 Esco Alley Art Party

Come celebrate the addition of 12 new murals with our artists in Downtown Escondido!

3 PM on Saturday, November 12th

Alley Art Party with Live Music, Free and Open to All!

Find us in the alley south of Grand Ave between Broadway and Kalmia.

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