Zane Kingcade

As a spray paint and graffiti artist, people expect me to do something in my usual cartoon like graffiti style that they are accustomed to, but I wanted to do something classic and different and showcase my versatility and scope.

Wanting my piece to stand out I used my top-quality high tech spray paint made for murals rather than brushing on the color with a paintbrush and painted something unexpected, something realistic that does not exist in real nature, such as brown roses.

I wanted my roses to look real yet not real, which is why the shape of the roses look true to life, but the color is not. I like using earth tones that I love which is why the roses are brown. At the same time, I like the classic look of brown roses with gold bees on them.
I love painting roses. I do a lot of paintings with a lot of color. And whenever I am painting outdoors it seems that bees always come around and lay on my work. Like Spiderman, a spider bite gave him his superpowers; the bees are the same. As they land on my paint, they become infected by the paint taking on the colors.

One could think of man interfering with nature in some ways and how that affects nature.
Now I incorporate bees in most of my paintings.

The roses are in different stages of transformation from a bud to fully open. It is a metaphor for my own journey as an artist going from my beginnings decades ago to my present day unfolding as an artist.

I want my mural to be very beautiful that people would want to take their picture in front of. In some ways I am offering a bouquet of flowers to the community I care about.

 Escondido is for artists. 

Thank you!

We so appreciate your generosity.