The Wall


There’s something compelling about the deeply textured brick wall that runs along the south side of the alley between South Broadway and Maple Street.

At about 350 feet long and 20 feet high, the wall makes up the north side of the rectangular building.

The building’s low-key front opens onto Second Street, and a rough-looking loading dock faces Maple Street. The building’s second entry opens onto Broadway.

The bricks at the Broadway end of the alley are variegated, with a darker red color. They’re also a different size than the older bricks further down. The seam where the new and old bricks come together was evidently a challenge: you can see that five of the smaller new bricks add up to the same height as four of the older bricks, so the grout joints merge every 4-5 lines in a sort of crooked dovetail pattern.

Overall it’s a great wall for the Esco Alley Art project.

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